Get your Web Happy!

Welcome to EastgateWebDev.com.

We are small, boutique web development and design company

Founded in 2012 by Sheila Roe and Richard Mallonee, EastgateWebDev caters to clients that want a website that reflects their vision, that communicates through dialogue, and art.

After decades of development positions at big shops, like Boeing, Microsoft, and US West, and dozens of smaller northwest companies (like Microrim, Walldata, and Alpenglow), we decided to pool our talents, and do what we really liked doing best.

We wanted to engage with our customers, rather than just build them software. We wanted to collectively build a team that turned web dreams into web reality!

We would be happy to discuss theme development, branding, search-engine-optimization, best practices, site security, hosting details, cross-browser compatibility, site maintenance, content management systems, and many other big IT words.

But!  What we really want to talk about is just one little word, namely, Success.

This is what happens when the right art, and the right text, and that slick navigation widget, and good SEO practices all create a (2 + 2) = 5 scenario. When the whole is greater than the sum of the separate parts, now that’s when everybody gets that Web Happy feeling.

We offer  reasonable rates and flexible contracts.

Eastgate WebDev: Contact us, and get your Web Happy!